When you order your ramen:

- Choose the style (classic, vegetable, extra BBQ, or deluxe)

- Choose the type of BBQ (pork belly or chicken breast)

- Choose the flavour

      Shoyu (soy sauce, "old-school" Tokyo style)

      Shio (natural Himalayan rock salt and mixed shellfish)

      Miso (blend of 4 kinds of Japanese miso)

      Bamboo Charcoal Dark Miso (Blend of miso + bamboo charcoal powder).

- We also offer other delicious choices such as

Wonton ramen, Vegetarian ramen and extra spicy rich miso ramen.

- Make any ramen spicy for +$1. Our spicy sauce is home made and very unique. It adds not only heat but also a whole new depth of flavour.

Our spicy miso broth is especially popular among many repeating guests.

Did you know? Bamboo charcoal has been used as a digestive supplement in old Chinese medicine and many regions in Japan due to its detoxifying properties. Because it is a plant-based charcoal, it is not a cancer-causing substance. We use bamboo charcoal powder made in Japan.

See our menu below!

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