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Interview with Nikkei TV

Aired December 3, 2017

The copyright of this video belongs to Nikkei TV (posted with permission).

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- Vancouver Magazine 24th Annual Restaurant Awards:

"Best Noodle House" Honorable Mention

- Vancouver Magazine 25th Annual Restaurant Awards:

"Best Noodle House" Silver

- Vancouver Magazine 26th Annual Restaurant Awards:

"Best Noodle House" Silver

- Vancouver Magazine 27th Annual Restaurant Awards:

"Best Noodle House" Bronze

- Vancouver Magazine 29th Annual Restaurant Awards:

"Best Ramen" Honorable Mention

- Vancouver Magazine 30th Annual Restaurant Awards:

"Best Ramen" Honorable Mention

Westender Magazine

"Robson's ramen row makes for the ultimate noodle crawl"

by Paris Spence-Lang. Dec 11, 2017 (summary of the original article)

"...the menus smell as good as the food. Imported from Japan and made of spiced wood, they’re the first clue that I’m in for an experience.The clues quickly build into a theory: that this small ramen house knows what it’s doing... The (bamboo charcoal dark miso) broth is a dark, rich grey and turns out to be the subtlest of the crawl. The soba noodles come from a decade-spanning connection with a California noodle maker, and are perfectly katame, or al dente. The pork pulls apart with a single chopstick. Motomachi Shokudo has spent 10 years not just mastering the art of making ramen but also the art of serving it." 

The Hunt Guides

Motomachi Shokudo was selected as a part of 3rd edition of 

The Hunt: Vancouver. 

The Hunt Guides is "a tightly curated, award- winning travel series that focuses on the truly local, be it dining, drinking, shopping or unforgettable lifestyle experiences in each city." (extract from The Hunt Guides website)

"...On a blisteringly cold afternoon, there are few foods that soothe our souls quite like a hot bowl of ramen...This joint is known for its bamboo charcoal dark miso ramen, and we'll usually pop in here for a serving if it's not too busy. If the former isn't your thing, give their spicy miso ramen a try."

(extract from the article)

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