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"Serving ramen with well-balanced flavours of the earth, ocean and culture."


Motomachi Shokudo was founded in 2007 by one of the ramen pioneers of Vancouver, Daiji M. Since then, we have been chosen to be one of the top "go-to" ramen joints in downtown Vancouver.


We are especially proud to introduce our special broth made with chicken, pork, fresh vegetables and a hint of seafood. Our chicken broth is classified as "chin-tan" soup, meaning that the broth is clear (almost transparent) and has a light texture. Everything on our menu is made with no MSG or artificial flavours, including the broth. We're sure you will fall in love with our comforting and natural tasting ramen.

Our motto is to pour love and effort in each bowl of ramen and dish.

We strive to fill up not only your stomach but also your heart and soul.

Did you know? "Motomachi" is a town in Tokyo, Japan where the founder spent a part of his childhood. "Shokudo" loosely translates as "eatery."

All our ramen is served with deliciously seasoned BBQ (chashu). While pork is the traditional pick as a ramen topping, you also have tender and marinated chicken breast as an option.

Our BBQ is grilled right before serving, making sure all the flavours that's packed in the meat comes to life.

The flavours of ramen we serve are:

Shoyu (soy sauce)

Shio (natural Himalayan salt and shellfish)

Miso (blend of 4 kinds of miso)

Bamboo Charcoal Dark Miso (Blend of miso + bamboo charcoal powder).

All of the soup bases are home made.

With plenty of options available, you can customize and order the perfect bowl of ramen for you.

See our menu for details!

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